A Consciousness Rising Summer Solstice FAQs


Q: Should I attend 1 or 2 days?

A: Both! It might be life changing, so both. 


Q: Is this a kid-friendly event? 

A: Absolutely! Bring your children. We are offering kids classes which they will sure enjoy!


Q: Is this an ADA friendly event?

A: Yes, it is ADA accessible and we invite and encourage anyone with a disability to join us. 


Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Travel light and be light! 

Bring only essentials, but you can bring the following:

   -Hygiene essentials and basics. 

   -Tent if you are camping (tent, extra stakes if possible (to anchor the tent further), sleeping bags or blankets, yoga mat to place underneath sleeping bag for added cushion)

   -Comfortable clothes to freely move in 



   -Reusable water bottle

   -Reusable utensils, straws, cups, bottles, and napkins. Remember to reuse, recycle, love the earth!

   -Desert temperatures tend to be high during the day and can potentially drop at night. 


Q: Will tents and tools to set up our tent be provided? 

A: No, you will need to bring your own tent and tools to set it up. As well as your own comfortable sleeping arrangement.


Q: Would tents be placed for us if I don’t know how?

A: Unfortunately not. You can watch a video prior to arriving or perhaps ask a Good Samaritan if you so desire. 


Q: If I purchase a camping space as an individual will I be sharing it with a stranger?

A: No, your purchased camping space will be for yourself only or if you and another person with a purchased ticket decide to share that tent. But no strangers in the tent with you.  


Q: What day or days will overnight camping be for?

A: Overnight camping will be for Saturday only. 


Q: I shouldn’t bring what?

A: Uncool vibes, drugs (of any kind), weed, alcohol, weapons, matches, lighters or anything that could ignite fire. If we encounter or are made aware of any of this, we will ask you to leave the premises without a ticket refund.


Q: Would night campfires be allowed?

A: No campfires will be allowed on premises. Nothing that could put anyone at risk will be allowed. There is currently a fire ban in place for Maricopa County. 


Q: Would I need to sign any documents?

A: Yes, there will be a few that will be required to be signed by all participants and their children/dependents; like liability waivers, emergency contact, etc.. in order to be part of the event. 


Q: Would there be water to fill my reusable water bottle?

A: You are encouraged to bring your own  gallons of water with you. We are looking into providing a few 5 water gallons, but we won’t know until the day of.  Perhaps there will be water bottles for purchase, but we are really evaluating that idea, as that single handedly would create a lot of plastic pollution. 


Q: Would ice be provided?

A: Yes 


Q: Would food be provided?

A: “The Giving Tree” will have their delish food for sale! However, feel free to bring your own food and snacks as well. Especially if you have allergies or your child’s favorite snack.

We ask that you please keep the food in reusable sealed packages, tupperwares and non plastics.


Q: Would my stuff be safe in my tent?

A: Although no security staff will be hired, we believe in creating a positive energy field around us. We want to manifest that our space is safe and that we are all genuinely looking out for each other. So please only bring what you feel you’ll absolutely need. 


Q: Would there be restrooms?

A: Yes there will be porta-potties.


Q: What time would Sadhna take place?

A: Sadhna takes place in the Amrit Vela, it is the best time of the day. It will start at 4:30AM Sunday morning. Come with a yoga mat and cushion to sit on. Wear comfortable clothing.


Q: What is a chant?

A: It’s a wave of frequency vibration that travels through sound and has the ability to open your heart, soul and place you in a higher vibrational energy.


Q: Could I obtain a ticket refund the day of the event?

A: An 85% refund will be given.


Q: What should I expect?

A: To have and make it the best time you’d had in a very long time! To make new friends and create pathways of light and love for your life. You’ll have to do the work we are only facilitating for you.


Q: Besides all the great classes you guys will offer, would there be anything else?

A: Yes, the coolest raffle with you in mind! Epic! 


Q: How can I lessen the heat during the event?

A: There will be misters, coolers and indoor spaces for with some more cool offerings like astrological readings and such. Nonetheless, please bring water and start hydrated! 


Q: Can I invite friends?

A: Share wide and far!